High-precision milling robots with secondary encoder for innovative manufacturing solutions

MABI CNC robots are an innovative alternative to conventional milling machines. The use of CNC robots for milling, turning or grinding not only provides a precise, but also an efficient and cost-effective solution for metal processing.

The robots in the MAX Precision series are characterised by their high accuracy and rigidity. We achieve this through the secondary encoders, which are installed on all axes. The entire system is controlled by the powerful Sinumerik 840Dsl or the Sinumerik ONE from Siemens. With the MAX-100 you can machine wood, plastic, carbon fibre, aluminium and steel. The accuracy far exceeds the standard of other industrial robots. The MABI robots also achieve outstanding results in additive or subtractive CNC applications.

Most customers use our robots and systems as CNC milling robots. Especially for large components where a standard milling machine would be too small, the flexibility and long reach make completely new applications possible.

For example, drilling, groove milling and build-up welding of large welded constructions. The procedure can then be as follows:

  • Assemble the welded construction and weld manually or automatically.  
  • Process the holes, grooves and threads in the square tubes.  
  • Overlay weld a surface to obtain reinforcement in this area. Then mill over this area and cut the thread.

The advantage lies in precise and automated production, as there is no need to pre-machine square tubes for tapped holes. The positions of grooves and holes are exactly in position over the entire welded assembly and distortion during welding has no major influence.

These are just a few of many possible applications.

Do you have a current project? Or would you like to make your production more profitable? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have.

Sample Images

Milling chamfers in aluminium with MAX100 | MABI Robotic AG Milling steel with MAX100 | MABI Robotic AG