CNC robots for model and mold making

Full-size models are used for better visualisation and assessment. Design plays a particularly important role in automotive engineering. Using the traversing axes and a CNC industrial robot from MABI, such models can be easily produced for the automotive industry.

Compared to conventional portal milling machines, a lot of space can be saved - not to mention the significantly lower acquisition costs. By using a cost-effective solution with a MABI CNC robot cell, materials such as plastic, Ureol, aluminium and steel can be processed. The 5 metre travel range of the MLR-2500-P linear track can be extended by a further 3 or 5 metres to cover a large processing area, depending on your requirements.

The industrial robots from the MAX series are equipped with a secondary encoder as standard, enabling us to achieve very high accuracies and keep pace with portal milling machines. By using a double system, as shown in the picture, we can machine the same model with two milling spindles and two robots at the same time. Throughput times can thus be reduced considerably. As with a CNC milling machine, the robots are programmed via the CAM programme, the STEP file is loaded into the CAM and then programming is started. A decisive advantage of the robot system from MABI is the acquisition costs. The costs for such a system are far below the costs for a portal milling machine in the same machining area.

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Pictures of the construction