Accessories - our ecosystem for your robot

MABI Roboitc offers you the perfect accessories for your robot for every application. Either an external hose package or a milling spindle. This ensures smooth operation in your individual application environment. 

MABI Roboitc will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right accessory or spare part for your robot. Contact us.



Questions and answers - Accessories

What accessories are needed to operate the robot?

As long as the robot and the controller are available, no additional accessories are required for the basic function of the robot. By accessories, we mean products that we have already successfully installed in other projects and that can be optionally used to optimize or expand the robot's capacities.


Will the accessories already be fitted to the robot when it is delivered?

Our service includes the pre-assembly of accessories such as hose packages with valve terminals, where we also pull the cables in advance if available. In addition, we are experienced in the integration and testing of spindles and other tools to ensure that they work smoothly with the robot operation. If you would like to use products that we have not previously installed, we will be happy to install them according to your requirements and in consultation with you. Our aim is to offer you a comprehensive solution that meets your individual needs and enables seamless integration and use of your robot.


Are spare parts available for the robot?

Our range of services not only includes the provision of spare parts for the robot, but also a wide range of options for purchasing these parts. Purchased parts such as motors, encoders and the like can either be obtained directly from us or you have the option of ordering them directly from the manufacturer. In addition, we keep a variety of attachments such as sheet metal, bent parts and milled parts in stock that can be shipped quickly and easily when required to ensure minimal downtime. Although we offer an extensive range of internal spare parts, we would like to point out that certain external products such as spindles or ultrasonic knives are not available as part of our spare parts range.


Milling spindles

Fischer Spindel MFW-1709/30

Fischer spindle Swiss quality in its entirety
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Hiteco PT-2

Hiteco milling spindle Excellent price-performance ratio.
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Weiss Spindel für Roboter

Weiss milling spindle Compact spindle for CNC machining with robots.
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Isios calibration

Isios Dienstleistungskalibrierung

Isios service calibration increase the absolute accuracy to an average error of less than 0.25 mm, depending on the robot type
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Isios Inline-Kalibriersysteme

ISIOS Inline-Kalibriersysteme are permanently installed in all accuracy-critical cells of a production line.
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Ultrasonic tool


Ultrasonic knife the ideal method for separating glass, carbon or natural fibre mats.
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Grippers and change systems

Schunk Greifsysteme

Parallel gripper for handling tasks.
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Schunk Wechselsystem

Schunk Wechselsystem for robot automation
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Accessories from MABI Robotic

Externes Schlauchpaket

External hosepack for the mould connection.
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Hall stand for hose assembly Simple holder for transfer from the robot cell.
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Camera systems

2D Kamerasystem

2D camera for position detection
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LMD build-up welding head

LMD Schweisskopf

Deposition welding head (LMD) for your additive manufacturing solution.
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