Payload 2000 kg | Length up to 3 m

compact - expandable - accessible

The Linear Rail LR is a linear unit for industrial robots. The LR Precision is standardly equipped with a high-resolution secondary encoder. A much higher positioning accuracy is achieved through the secondary encoder. With a payload of 2000 kg, the LR-2000 is suitable for many heavy load industrial robots in the middle payload range. The expandability to any range also enables complete production lines to be set up. The compact design takes up little space and offers maximum accessibility. The linear units are available in lengths of 1m and 3m pieces. In the variant LR-2000 Basic, the linear axis is also available without the secondary encoders.

The LR is driven by two Siemens gear motors - as a master-slave version. During the positioning both motors are clamped together. This leads to a much higher stiffness. Dynamic and high-precision applications can  be easily implemented, with little expenditure of time when optimizing the accuracy.

Let’s now increase the working space of your robot.


Linear Rails


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Technical specifications

Type LR-2000 Basic LR-2000 Precision
Load capacity 2000 kg | 4409 lb 2000 kg | 4409 lb
Length 1 m / 3 m 1 m / 3 m
Speed 1,0 m/s 1,0 m/s
Direct measurring system DMS  
Max. length DMS absoilute   17m
Resolution secondary encoder   1 nm
Linearity deviation secondary encoder   ± 2,5 μm/m
Repeat accuracy   ± 41 nm
Drive technology master-slave SIEMENS gear motors master-slave SIEMENS gear motors
Linear guides linear rolling linear rolling
Quality of the racks Q8 Q6
Energy supply chain external external
Brake system servo motors with holding brake servo motors with holding brake
Manual break release unit on the carriage on the carriage
Lubrication system
Protection cover tread plates, walkable tread plates, walkable