Product overview

The MAX Series offers a family of specialised products for all kinds of complex, high precision tasks in the additive and subtractive manufacturing environment. The MAX Series is built around the MAX-100 6-axis industiral robot. Its payload of up to 100 kg combined with a superior mechanical stiffness enables the MAX-100 to handle almost every conceivable scenario in a stationary working application. The MAX-100 robot's reach can be expanded to any length  by combining it with the highly accurate MAX Linear Rail. This raises precision machining of large structures such as components in the aerospace sector to a new level of accuracy, speed, and cost effectiveness by eliminating the need for moving and reclamping. Alternatively, the MAX-100 can be perfectly complemented by the precision tilting rotary table MMT-250. The torque motor driven MMT-250 acts as an extremely dynamic while outstandingly stiff manipulator, which makes a perfect production table for 3D printing or milling applications.

All components of the MAX Series feature a highly accurate secondary encoder technology and extensive compensation algorithms which enable them to achieve maximum absolute and path accuracy along with outstanding repeatability. Backed by a user friendly Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl CNC controller, these unique features open the door to implementing previously impossible manufacturing strategies and allow our customers to take their CNC and AM applications to the next level.

Industrial Robots Precision

Payload 100 kg | Reach 2,24 m
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Payload 150 kg | Reach 2,0 m
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Linear Rails

Payload 2000 kg | Length up to 3 m
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Payload 2500 kg | Length 5 m | Displacment Path ±1750 mm
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Rotary Tables

Payload 500 kg | with direct drives
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Robot Controller

MRC-Standard with Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl / ONE
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MRC-Custom with Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl / ONE
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