Processing of battery tray with industrial robot

Electromobility undoubtedly has a promising future. With the growing demand for environmentally friendly means of transport and increased awareness of climate change, electric vehicles are becoming more and more important. An important factor for the future of electric mobility is to reduce production costs in order to make electric vehicles affordable for a broader section of the population.

The MAX series CNC robots are therefore ideally suited to the production of battery trays.

Several processes have already been tested and used in series production to manufacture the trays. Welded or die-cast aluminium trays are not yet finished after the basic body has been created. In both cases, pockets, surfaces, holes and threads have to be machined in one or more steps.

Due to the size of the battery trays, a suitable machining centre is required, which is often associated with a large investment. The CNC milling robots from MABI Robotic are a cheaper alternative, as the energy efficiency is better and significantly fewer changes need to be made to the infrastructure.  Thanks to the high rigidity and precise operation of the MAX series, we achieve similar accuracies to comparable portal milling machines.

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Battery tray in electric car | MABI Robotic AG