Precise CNC Milling with the MAX Series (05/2022)

An industrial robot for CNC milling with a repeatability of 0.02mm and a position accuracy of 0.15mm. The MAX-100-2.25-P MAX-100-2.25-P can compete with many a CNC milling machine.

The New MAX-100-2.25-P - Precision You Quickly Get Used To

In MABI Robotic's demonstration cell in Veltheim, Switzerland, tests are run continuously, whether for internal use or specifically on behalf of customers. This ensures that customer requirements are met in accordance with quality standards.

The system is equipped with a WEISS HSK-A50 spindle with a power of 16.5kW and a Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl. Due to the extremely high repeatability of 0.02mm, and this bidirectionally, the robot system can easily compete with many a CNC milling machine. In combination with the linear axis MLR-2500-P, the working area is extended to 6x2 metres. A repeatability of 0.02mm and a pose accuracy of 0.15mm, in a workspace of 6x2m, is a remarkable achievement, considering that a general tolerance of ±0.8mm applies to a length of 400mm. 

In the video, an aluminium component is milled, which is clamped on the rotary-swivel table MMT-500-DD. Convince yourself of the potential of this system.

Test Setup

Material: Aluminium 3.2315 EN AW-6082, T6 100.00 x 60.00 x 100.00mm

Products used by MABI Robotic
Robot MAX-100.2.25-P 
Linear Rail MLR-2500-P 
Rotary Table MMT-500-DD

Aim of the experiment

In this test, the surface quality was tested via the endless rotation of the rotary axis of the rotary table MMT-500-DD.

If we have aroused your interest please contact us. You are also welcome to make an appointment on site and see the robter cell up close.